Remi Paoli

Prequell - The future comes before live show.

Client : Prequell
Studio : Superbien

DJ, violinist, Prequell offers us a universe that plays on the balance between classical music and electronic sounds.

The artist calls on the Superbien studio for the artistic direction, the scenography and the light design of the concert “the future comes before” which introduces his album of the same name, and presented at la gaîté lyrique in Paris.

It is this idea of balance between orchestral and electronic that we wanted to sublimate by the scenography. The musicians illuminated by LED neon lights, themselves structured in an architecture with geometric shapes, evoking electronic music.

Here are my intentions, which guided all the actors in the realization of this project.

Final result.

(photo : Benoît Florençon)

Event report.

(Vidéo : Victor Gounon)