Remi Paoli

L’Oréal travel retail

This work, carried out as part of a call for tenders, offers a scenography for the annual evening of the partners of L'Oréal travel retail. The agency wanted to organize this event at the Villa Rothschild in Cannes.

This branch of L'Oréal, which is very present in airports, inspired me with a simple concept: to offer guests a journey between heaven and earth. to play with mirrors that reflect the sky to create a surreal decor. Large reflective spheres adorn the villa, transforming it into a giant hot-air balloon to emphasize this idea of elevation.

The facade hosts a neon installation, offering an astonishing lighting that mixes the classic treatment of the building with the futuristic aspect and light of these lines of lights. The architecture of the building is itself emphasized by a laser projection, to continue the geometric lines of the installation.

Concept previews.

First draft.