Remi Paoli

Coeur de ville 2019

Client : City of MONTPELLIER
Studio : Superbien

In 2019 took place the 6th edition of the videomapping festival organized by the city of Montpellier. On this occasion, I answered and won the call for tenders to carry out the videomapping on the prefecture.

The idea was to turn the building into a rhythm machine / time machine. We go through different eras visually and musically, when the machine goes wild and creates a remix from the music it has played. I wanted to offer a fun and multi-generational videomapping experience.

I wrote the project, did the artistic direction, the production with the Superbien teams, composed the music and the sound design.

Report of vidéomapping.

Videomapping movie.

Storyboards to the call for tenders.