Remi Paoli

C2C Live tour TETRA

The collective of DJ C2C, multiple world champions of DMC (turntabilism competition) launched a call for tenders for a project that was still mysterious at the time. They are in the process of finalizing their album Tetra, and wish to create a live accompanied by animated visuals.

The band's idea is to visually transcribe the sound distortion of the scratch, and to make visible the work of sampling that composes the pieces.
Each member of the group has an LED cube, where the image is either controlled by the movement of the vinyl, or in synchronization with the music.

The story : Each musician is associated with a geometric shape. They will create, evolve and come together throughout the concert, until they create a graphic planet, allegory of a universe created by the mixture of sounds.

We co-create the live, I do the artistic direction and the animation of the visuals.

Report of the last track of the show.

The graphic evolution of the concert. The work of the image is based on the sketch and the synthesis, the definition of the screens being 64x64 pixels.

Photo de couverture par Ben lorph.