Remi Paoli

  • Who am I ?

I am artistic director and director.

Throughout my career, I have always sought to understand the mechanisms that create emotion, that sudden, organic and sensitive thrill. I have multiplied the experiences in different fields, exploring each media, to seek the common essence that creates this feeling.

There I learned the importance of a strong concept, which appeals to the mind of the viewer. The power of radicalism, to create buy-in to the message. The right rhythm, to create fun and sensory experiences.

It is this research, as well as these experiences, that I put to the service of each project, whether personal or sponsored.

  • What I do

I started my career in 2007 after graduating as a digital director from Supinfocom school.

Since then, I've worked in TV dressing, corporate film, commercials, music videos and events. (c2c, l’oréal, canal +, nissan, range rover, huawei, dior, channel, véolia, orange, disney, ...)

I am working as a professor of artistic direction for the motion design masters at ESMA. I also do videomapping masterclasses (ESMA) and juries (ESMA, les Gobelins).

  • Skills

Creative direction: Concept, calls for tenders, management of artistic directors.

Artistic direction: graphic research, still frames, storyboards.

Direction : Clip, commercial, institutional, event content, videomapping.

Motion design : C4D, octane render, after effect, photoshop, illustrator, première, audition. Notions on 3dsmax, houdini, Zbrush, notch.

Teaching: Artistic direction course, videomapping masterclass.