Remi Paoli

Boucheron diner

The jeweler Boucheron invites these prestigious clients to the apartment he owns at Place Vendôme in Paris. This has been redecorated, and hosts the new collection of high-end jewelry. It is in this context that we are asked about the scenography of the dinner, which will take place after the discovery of the apartment.

The brief: create an immersive and astonishing dinner that represents the values of the brand, in the continuity of the visit of the apartment place vendôme - the dinner taking place in another place.

My concept: to create a central installation, around which the guests are seated. This light installation evokes a chandelier that highlights the universe of Boucheron.

My first idea: to start from the outline of the plan of the apartment, which is reproduced in neon. Each line of the plan is extended in their verticality by sections of tulle or visuals are projected. These tulles are entangled to give movement and lightness to the structure, creating a contrast between the geometry of the plane and the fluidity of the fabric.

The idea evolved. The plan of the apartment is replaced by the imprint of Place Vendôme. Here are the visuals we have proposed.